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My god I can be negligent of NG sometimes

Posted by flashman16 - October 21st, 2009

Still, at least I can offer some kind of update now

Since I never bothered my ass to say it here my hard drive got wiped by a nasty little boot-sector virus a while back, effectivly destroying all of my flash movies to date. As of now I am starting everything from scratch and I have absolutely no motivation for it whatsoever.

So yea. . . It'll probably be some time b4 any new full movies come out, but rest assured they WILL be done!

That's pretty much what I have to say for now, if you want to keep more up-to-date on what's happening on my end of the world I suggest you head on over to my DeviantART account. I tend to keep that more up to date for some reason. . .

Anyways. . . cya!

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you don't HAVE to call your series sonic RPG you can call Sonic something(make up your own name) how hard can it be?

I believe you have the wrong person, I do not have a series called 'Sonic RPG'. I do not WANT to make an RPG series involving Sonic; I have 2 series I have started and I don't want more. I believe you want MidNightMaren, who DOES have a flash series entitled 'Sonic RPG', which involves Sonic in an RPG environment.

Perhaps you should direct any complaints regarding title choice to him instead.

i'm saying YOU can make your own series. you don't have to call it Sonic RPG.

I AM making a series, 2 of them in fact.

One called SFFAH [Sonic and the Final Fantasy: The Amulet of Hope] and the other is DSVE [dark Sonic Vs Emerl]

The reason I called my stand-alone game Sonic RPG Style Battle is because it is just that, a single battle, in an RPG format, starring Sonic the Hedgehog.

I have never stated anywhere that I was making a series titled Sonic RPG.
I dont know wher you got that idea from. . .

You always talk about sonic man!Well i am his fan!! (:P

Good for you.

wanna be friends

Not particularly, no.

i am convinced negligent is not a real word course i have been wrong before


Failing to take proper care in doing something: "directors have been negligent in the performance of their duties".

careless - neglectful - remiss - inadvertent - heedless

When is out Episode 3?

I'm gonna need a few more specifics.

Yo, Gozar again. That thing i requested: How is it coming along? Need any ideas? I <3'd the last game, and besides Madness Retaliation 2, this is my most anticipated flash game.

You mean that "review" you made that wasn't a review but merely a quote from an Egoraptor movie and a demand for it o be a full blown game when I specifically mentioned it was a TEST for future implementation into movies?

Yeah, I'm not making a sequel of it, never said I was. It was a test, and test results were just barely positive.

Never said you was? Yeah, and i can kill god. You said you would deploy your powers of procrastination at once. Remember? It was pretty good, but looking on it now, ...meh. I would like a sequel but it isn't quite "anticipated" anymore.

The Power of Procrastination always wins.

Uh...i don't necciarily get that statement, but okay. Did "Power of Procrastination" mean something besides you would get to work on it?

Procrastination means to put something off, to delay something. By saying I shall deploy my powers of procrastination I would have hoped it was clear that I had no intention of making any sort of full blown game.
Dictionaries are good things I hear.

Oh.......whoops. ^^ I'm 13, so i really didn't know. Sorry to get on your case.

No worries. Although in future I would suggest looking up what a new word means before replying to it.

That sucks. Went through the same thing when my account was hacked a few years back, motivation levels plummeted. Somehow I feel like doing a thorough backup on all important files after reading this, lmao. Actually had a virus a few days back but I reacted fast so it didn't do much harm, probably had to do with a JAVA exploit.

Hacked accounts are never fun to deal with, in retrospect I probably should have backed up before my hard drive failed for a 2nd time, forcing me to reformat everything again.
JAVA is pretty old tech, honestly I'm surprised it's not been replaced with some new code.

Are you finish Episode 3?

Are you finish grammar school?

Please finish Episode 3?
The life is short.

Well, since I made Episode 2 I've had 3 new computers, 7 complete hard drive resets and lost my copy of adobe flash at least 5 times.
I've not even begun to to think about ending my spree of procrastination.

fuck you!

That was rather unnecessarily aggressive.

Do you believe in Satan?

I believe what I see, and that I am the true evil one.

But in God?

In a word; no.

Fuck you idiot.
You will going in the hell.

D'aww a religious fanatic. How cute.

Also banned.

Kindly take your adorably sacrilegious bullshit somewhere else.