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Decent animation and nice joke so not alot of complaint.

Question though: If he was in the bathroom and came back to find the computer gone, how did it end up in the bathroom cabinet?

It didn't cut it

You had a halfway decent storyline but i could hardly follow it, heres a list of all I found wrong with this move:

No preloader, for a 9.9mb flash you really should use a preloader, and newgrounds offers them for free

All sprites were in jpeg format, this is a big no-no in sprite movies, use .bmp or .png formats

Text was nearly impossible to read, make your text clearer next time

Animations were extremely choppy, it looked like it was made with windows movie maker

Story was hard to follow, all I got was Sonic went Super Sonic, then lost his power, Knuckles made him super again, then Mecha Sonic went into a container beside the Master Emerald [which you mistakenly said Green Chaos Emerald], then tails getting knocked out by super Mecha sonic and the same happening to Knuckles, then Super Sonic found a goal ring which exploded, then somehting about Super Mecha sonic draining Super SOnics power to kill him. A very confusing storyline

Endless loop, the movie loops endlessly

Most animations stop when characters speak, people generally dont freeze when talking

Different style of backgrounds, you keep switching between sprite backgrouds and photographs, keep it sprites or photographs but dont switch between them

Opening eyes part, sry but that was very poorly done, and the bars kept moving at the start which did not help at all

Overall, I give a 2 for effort, but these sort of movies are for Youtube, not Newgrounds

123brawltaunts123 responds:

i know..... but if you go to youtube and put it in full screen it is ALOTTTTTT better
thank you for reviewing though :)
myself i give it a seven


Gotta love the Hang in There kitty poster though, that there completes this flash

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If you want a true Pilgrim's score. . .

Dont shoot anything until the last 3 seconds, then blast utter hell outta 'em.

I got
52,866 lbs.

I feel like a true pilgrim!
[Funny that since I'm Scottish. . . hmm. . .]

In any case, this is a mildly entertaining way to kill some time.


Day 50 and i'm sitting pretty with $1,755,578,696 and i rejected both deals i was offered

You said it was harder to make money, I found it easier, all you have to do is just keep buying more stores and the money floods in :/

And as for the 10,000 free bank money, you should fix that, you can use it as many times as you want as long as you have less than $5,000

Besides, remove the deals and the bank thing and this is almost exactly the same as the last verion

Next time, either readically improve or move on, this aint going anywhere

not good at all

this is the most useless tutorial i've ever seen, heres a list of whats wrong, hopefully you'll update:

there is only one music choice, which is off real bad quality, learn how to optimize your audio, you raped a perfectly great song by making it sound like it was recorded with a crap microphone

there is absolutely nothing stopping you from putting those text files for AS on the tutorial itself, forcing people to download seems dodgy, at the very least you could have explained what the AS you did put up actually did

basic tweening was a blowout, you knew your stuff when it came to making the tween, but you stopped there, nothing about when you cant shape tween, nothing about being unable to motion tween multiple objects at the same time, hell there wasn't even rotation! you could have at least said that you needed to use a different program to make that blur effect, expand it plz

and effect tweening epicly failed, the screen which the effect tween text was on was displayed for one frame before going to the AS oage for one frame then it went back to the beginning, i made a very precise screenie to see if what you actually had was good, what i got was utter bull, you only mentioned that it was POSSIBLE, and even then you only mentioned filters, what about tints? or alpha? hell even the brightness? and whats more you only said stuff that should have been in basic tweening. one last thing about this fail of a page on effect tweening original is not spelled opriginal, luckily the page disappears so fast people wont notice

and a good tut is not made of only 5 pages, a GOOD tut on AS and tweening could go on for 14 or more pages

look at a proper tutorial before making one yourself, who knows? you may learn something

i simply cannot believe this took 2 people to make

well, maybe you'll actually read this and make the changes to desperatly needed

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Oh hai

If I'm not mistaken, and I probably am considering how long ago it was, but wasn't it me who requested The Extreme?
Regardless, nostalgic rating is through the roof so no complaints there :3

The only criticism I can find is that the melody that plays alongisde the bass is just a tad quiet which lets it disappear with the bass, I'd have made that only slightly louder [not much, just slightly :>]. By melody I don't mean the high pitch that you can hear at 02:00, the lower bass tune that plays under it.
I'm not that good at explaining so I hope you know what I'm referring to...

In any case, still a great remake of a classic final boss theme :>
[You could have PM'ed me when you uploaded 2 years ago :P]

Extremely good

Hopefully this'll keep me motivated enough to finish the flash i'm making

The only problem i find is that the ending to to abrupt, a nice fadeout or something similar wold make this epic. but hey, nothing perfect

Kimken responds:

I thought that myself when I made this.. but then people would complain about the fade-out and without having an ending... so I made a loop kind of ending.

not too bad actually

but it lacks the punch i think it should have, sounds a bit basic

if you ever plan to remake this try to make the guitar notes fow smoother into one another and make them just a bit more hardcore

it's a great start, but kinda feels unfinished :/

JakesFable responds:

Its not unfinished it just needs to be in a better quality and have a better guitar and it would great, Anyways thanks alot for the review and wow I just realized this made top 20 w00t!

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