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Posted by flashman16 - October 21st, 2009

Still, at least I can offer some kind of update now

Since I never bothered my ass to say it here my hard drive got wiped by a nasty little boot-sector virus a while back, effectivly destroying all of my flash movies to date. As of now I am starting everything from scratch and I have absolutely no motivation for it whatsoever.

So yea. . . It'll probably be some time b4 any new full movies come out, but rest assured they WILL be done!

That's pretty much what I have to say for now, if you want to keep more up-to-date on what's happening on my end of the world I suggest you head on over to my DeviantART account. I tend to keep that more up to date for some reason. . .

Anyways. . . cya!

Posted by flashman16 - August 1st, 2009

Contest entry for the writing competition

please listen to this music while reading :3

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /76942

The midnight rain was torrential as Leon ran through the muddy fields. There was very little time left and he knew he had to get to the institution fast, even if it mean his own capture; and death.

Leon stumbled on a loose tree root but kept running, trying to remember all the passcodes he needed to get into the lab. This was rather difficult to do considering the fact that his memory of the past few days kept intruding; it was amazing how such little time could change a man's life so much. That had to wait until later as gunshots ripped through the night's air, forcing Leon to run doubled over in an attempt to avoid the bullets. He was being hunted down for his crimes against the organisation, hunted down for his acts of patriotism and most of all; hunted down for his own blood.

The hidden institution was in sight, but the gunshots were still whistling through air, the bullets ripping apart small chunks of tree bark. Leon was forced to pull out his FAMAS rifle and started to fire behind him, he would have to save his Berreta M92 ammo for inside.

There was nobody standing guard outside the dark building, nor any security cameras in sight. Leon somehow reached the front door without getting hit by a single bullet from the Special Operations Commandos chasing him. He punched in the access key while emptying the last of his FAMAS ammunition at the Spec Ops. The door opened to the startlingly white halls of the interior and he dashed inside, smashing the panel on the inside with the butt of the gun to ensure the maniacs outside could not get in. He threw away the rifle as he ran onwards, it was useless now.

Leon was a changed man in contrast to just 3 days ago, then he was a normal citizen in a world gone wrong. A lot changed in just 3 years since the mass virus outbreak in 2012 but it was just 3 days ago when all that affected Leon. On that fateful Wedensday a suicidal terrorist blew up the subway he was on, except something was very wrong. While the subway train itself was ripped apart, nobody was dead. Leon fell unconscience but when he came to he was in his apartment, with the news channel on. The last memory Leon had before passing out was everybody screaming about a terrorist and a woman running towards him, yet the news reporter was stating that every single passenger on that train was dead; with horrible slashes across their bodies.

Not 3 minutes later that same woman he saw on the subway train after the explosion bursted into his apartment and grabbed hold hold of him as she jumped out of the window. They landed on the seat of an open-top sports car as another explosion blasted Leon's apartment apart as if it was made of sugerglass. The woman drove at breakneck speeds, introducing herself as Valerye Spinelle. She explained about the Ansatsu corporation's plan and how he, Leon, was the key to their success; and failure. Back then he did not believe her, now he was saving her from their experimentations.

The company of Ansatsu was conducting research into making the ultimate 'Super Soldier', to do this they examined and experimented on effects of many chemicles in both man and animal; a few examples being testosterone and adreneline. This was to allow them to create an ultimate soldier who boasted great strength, intelligence and no feeling of pain or fear. They would use these 'Super soldiers' to target key cities around the world, crippling the worlds ecomomy and leaving the Earth vurnarable for Ansatsu to effectivly take over. Ansatsu's research was in its final stages, they had created a Superbug. A virus capable of destroying the immune system, while planting it's own disease in the victims body. This virus was a by-product of their 'Super Soldier' project, and they would use it to target important people around the world from the President of the United States to the Queen of England; to ensure that Ansatsu went unchallenged. Whilst in it's concentrated state the virus is virtually harmless, but once airborn it could prove deadly, even fatal. Leon had injected the one and only sample of this virus into his own body to prevent Ansatsu from using it. The virus caused amnesia, which caused Leon to forget what he had done and how he did not know why those events happened 3 days ago. He was still suffering the effects of the anmesia but his memory was slowly returning.

Leon ran through the halls of the corporation's hidden headquarteres while pulling out his handgun. One of these doors led to his target, and he had to find it quick. The companies logo was everywhere, just as it was in almost every city in America. Leon was one of the few who knew of Ansatsu's plan of taking down the world's ecomomy, and he knew he must stop them. Leon ran past door after door of unimportant offices and scientific labs, Valerye was supposedly being held in a cyrogenic chamber where her own unique DNA pattern was being studied, Leon did not know why they were doing so but he was determined to stop them.

Leon stopped in front of an elevator and went down as far as the elevator could go; Leon felt himself get warmer the further he went down, he guessed it was his way of showing nerves. When the elevator doors slid open Leon was greeted by silence. The lack of any personell struck Leon as extremely odd, but he ran on anyway; determined to find Valerye.

This underground area was not was Leon was expecting at all, the place was similar to a warehouse or a hangar, and it was full to the brim with tubes of green liquid. There was something in each tube but Leon couldn't make out the dark shapes, it was like each tube impaired his vision, making it impossible to see into. Leon ran to the other end of the voluminous area and felt the temperature plummet. This must be the Cyrogenics area. Leon punched in yet another passcode to open the high-security door.

What met Leon's eyes when that door opened was unbelievable. Hundreds, if not thousands, of Cyrogrnic storage tubes. Each one with Valerye Spinelle inside. "Clones. . " Leon thought as he ran through rows of tubes, Valerye must be the base for their 'Super Soldiers'. However, all these clones derived from the original, so the real Valerye must be somewhere. Her cyrogenic tube would be a bit fancier, at least it is in all the movies.

Leon ran for a long time, this place seemed to go on forever. Leon finally found what he was looking for, a big cyrigenic storage tube with the real Valerye Spinelle inside. However, just as Leon started towards Valerye's frozen prison a single footstep sounded behind Leon. Leon whipped round and aimed his gun, the person standing there was none other than the person on that subway train, the one who blew himself up.

Leon blurted "You...! but, but you died! on that subway train!"
The terrorist looked straight into Leon's eyes, he was tall and looked rather muscular. He wore a full-length coat wihch was the exact colour of his long jet-black hair. However it was his eyes that was most noticable, they were a bright, almost luminous, red.
He replied in a calm, yet serious voice "Those news fools told the world how I was a suicide bomber or some such? I am much more than those short sighted martyrs. I plan to unite this broken world under my corporation Ansatsu and allow this fair planet to achieve it's true potential!"
Leon did not lower his gun and sceptically replied "Through terrorism?"

The leader of Ansatsu replied in the same tone "Such an overused word... 'Terrorism' is used so often people have started to lose sight of what it really means. This isn't terrorism I have planned for the world; on the contrary, it's a revolution!"

With that final word he threw open his cloak, revealing his overlong arms. Yet something was wrong, he had no hands and his entire forearms looked like boney scythes. One of the 'fruits' of Ansatsu's experimentations. Leon opened fire as the Ansatsu Leader walked towards him, yet he deflected the bullets almost casually with his sword-arms. The Ansatsu leader lunged and Leon only narrowly dodged the attack, yet he did not see the other sword arm swinging at him; it sliced across his chest, leaving a long groove of red pain. Leon fell back against a cyrogenic tube as the Ansatsu Leader moved in for the kill. He raised his right sword arm and said one line: "Goodybye, Mr Jikkens" and he thrust downwards. Leon threw hiself to the side just in time to make the Ansatsu Leader slice into the cyrogenic tube. The result was one hell of an electrocution, his head and limbs jerked around violently while a fatally high level of voltage passed through his body. Leon thought he was trying to say something but before any of it was discernible over the noise an alarm soundedl complete with red warning light. An overvoice boomed "Warning, electrical spikes detected in secort B-13, emergency lockdown in progress. All personell evacuate to safety zone."

Leon looked around and rushed over to the real Valerye's tube. He opened the tube using the keypad next to it and draped her unconscience body over his shoulder in a firemans lift. he ran past the now silent body of the Ansatsu Leader without a second glance.

Once outside Leon realised the commandos were no longer there yet the door he came in through was blasted open. They must have run for it when the alarm sounded. Leon, now growing tired of carrying Valerye's unconscience body struggled on towards the nearest city. Eventually leaving her outside a Hospitals main entrance.

A few days later there was a news report on the television, the smouldering wreckage of the Ansatsu HQ was discovered. Forensics are treating the cause of the explosion to be a gas leak of some such.
leaon laid back in his bed while listening to the end of the report.

". . . in the large list of the desceased found in the explosion was none other than the Leader of the Ansatsu Corporation, we will dearly miss Mr Leon Tatsujin, and all he tried to do to make our world a better place."

Posted by flashman16 - July 18th, 2009

Posted by flashman16 - July 1st, 2009

Entered the collab Sprites Collab

Why? 'cause I felt like it!

Release date: 16th july

Posted by flashman16 - May 10th, 2009

Well i had a fun time, we blew roughly £500 - £600 in the space of 3 days but it was fun doing so [now we gotta scrape that money back up =3]

I took some photo's [not as many as i would have liked but still...] so i'm thinking of making a flash thing on my DeviantArt account to show then rather than spamming my gallery with single *crappy* photo's

I had nice time altogether, weather was cold and windy like hell but at least it never rained, B&B we stayed at was nice. no telly with scart though >.>

Let's see... we went to the pier, Blackpool Tower, Seen the tower's jungle jim [that's how it was spelled], tower ballroom, aquarium, circus [certain people i know would have loved it]and went to the top of the tower to see da view. Also went to Coral Islands [slot machine/game palace which was excellent], i raked in over 500 tickets in there [the tickets you echange for prizes, crappy prizes btw]

got ripped off in the sea life center [£45 for us all to get in when we had vouchers for money off, didn't get accepted] and we bought some crap, so all in all a good time

any questions or stuff feel free to ask away

PS. if u wanna participate in an interactive story then spread the dam word!

Posted by flashman16 - May 7th, 2009

i'll be away all of Friday, Saturday and Sunday, why? Parents have decided we have to go on a holiday of sorts right now. [which HAPPENS to be during the time of my exams, so that's revision gone down the crapper]

Still, might be a fun time, if it's possible i'll take a few photo's of the place [dont get ur hopes up, u wont see ME in them ;P]

Btw, i got £0.57 paid to me, al lfrom people clicking the ads in my movies =D [57 pence ftw]

Taking time off from DSVEEP3 due to the fact that i cant be bothered right now, so i'm making a different sprite movie altogether that is pure action [:D] and i have the most epic music lined up for it [epic battles must have truly epic music]

Well i guess that's about it from moi, any Q's or anything [as always] i'm always ready to help out and uh... you can get back to being bored you few bored people who have actually read this far down. ttyl!

Posted by flashman16 - February 2nd, 2009

Hello to all who actually come to my page, i apologize for not updating as regularily as i should have, many things happening here, i'm actually in the middle of examinations, and they are way too damn boring. That and i've been playing Last Chaos like there was no tomorrow [MMORGP, a damn good {free} game if i do say so myself]

In fact i should be studying for my next exam, but i'm abandoning that to work on Dark Sonic VS Emerl Ep3 [i do hope your grateful for that =P]

Speaking of my movie, important update, i'm most likely going to upload the movie in two parts, the first part will deal with the dialogue and the second will deal with the actual combat [yes, there will be combat, my most epic, thought out and action-packed combat scene yet]

Reason i've decided on this move? i've hit the 10,000th frame and i've only just begun on the 3rd scene =3

I think it's because of the intro.... the intro alone is longer than any of my movies so far [apart from the music video, i think they're about equal]

Well thats about it from me, Peace!

btw, heres a screenie of the main menu just to keep ya stimulated =P

To anybody who wishes to know what's going to happen with DSVEEP3

Posted by flashman16 - December 23rd, 2008

i know it's been FOREVER since i mentioned my movie, but heres a little update

i've got half of my motivation for it back so i'm working on it at the rate of somebody going at something half-assed, but rest assured i'm putting my whole ass in this one, i'm just doing it slower than i would like

and just to show that i have not given up on my movie [no way in hell i'd ever do that] heres a small portion of my movie, this is scene 1 and a bit of scene 2 [the words are part of scene one]

Dark Sonic VS Emerl Ep3 Scene 1&2 Beta

i say it's Beta since i may change it slightly, but still, theres the official preview =D

hope you like it, it's all your gonna get until the movie is finished!

Posted by flashman16 - November 30th, 2008

<------| right there, theres the link!
and also below :)

well i've went and made my own website =D

The Sanctuary of FlashMan16

i'll use that for any movie updates etc, i know the newgrounds news post system can do that just as well, but hey, i like the idea of my wn website :)

plus with the website i can add all sorts of fancy stuff, like forums, and a contact form!

that and i'll add my own custom sprite images relating to the page, so far i only have one up, in the Contact me page, but it's a lol all the same

so check it out!

well..... what are you waiting for? click the above link!

why are you stil reading this...?

stop it!

oh i give up....

Until my next news post! ;-¬

Posted by flashman16 - November 28th, 2008

i have no idea what it is but i'm sure as hell gonna try it :D

wow approved comments attracts some straight up retards XD